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Car 311. Reports by License Plate

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Why you should use this site?

Suppose you have a brake light out and don't know it. Would you rather be informed annonymously or by the police as they write you a ticket?

Suppose your children lived in another place. Would you like to notified about potential safety issues? You can add their plate number to your email notifications.

Who should use this site?

Parents, children, concerned friends and others concerned with traffic safety.

What is enforceable, collected?

This site does not enforce traffic laws nor does it claim to do so in any way. The goal of the site is to help the community fix their vehicles to avoid traffic accidents. Bad driving habits are a concern that people might have about their children and parents.

Anyone can access the reports. We associate an email address, IP address, and the plate information you post but we have no way of knowing if these items are related. We only post to the public page the plate and the issue. See our View page to see what information is posted to the public. See our terms and conditions page for more information.

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